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*~ * ..:: d r a m a . a n d . t r a u m a ::..* ~*

"All the world's a stage... and the men and women merely players..."

Cho Chang
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I deleted my bio. Words just aren't enough to express-- me.

{This is a fictional character created by JK Rowling and portrayed by rivulette. It is for entertainment purposes only. No infringement is intended.}

General Data:
Full Name: Cho Chang
Nicknames: Cutie Asian Pie, Ravenclaw Goddess, Sugar BabyDoll, Little Sweet Stuff, Heavenly Perfection
Birthday: December 26, 1978
Age: 18
Gender: female
Blood: pureblood
Orientation: bisexual
Relationships: *giggles* Why limit yourself?
Crushes: 2 many 2 mention.

School Data:
House: former Ravenclaw
Year: teaching position, graduated 1997
Wand: 10 inch, Sandalwood, Veela hair
Best Class: Charms
Worst Class: Potions
Extracurricular Activities: Quidditch, and also those activities of a certain nature that our Minister of Magic would not be in approval of...

Physical Data:
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 105
Eyes/Vision: light, warm brown; 20/20
Hair: deep ravenblue black, with streaks of red and blonde going through it
Build: a perfect figure, of course. On the athletic side.
Defining Marks: I don’t need any.
Hearing: good
Left/Right/Ambi: Ambidextrous. Ah yes, quite multitalented, aren’t I?
Health: good

Dress Style: posh, always very in style
Phobias/Fears: my family dying, growing old, bankruptcy, suffering a horrible accident, amputation
Mental Health: Perfect.
Quirks/Habits: Being me is an experience in itself.
Laughing a lot, grinning a lot, rolling eyes at stupid stuff, tapping fingernails on flat surfaces, being quiet when I’m nervous about something, raving about random crushes
Likes: Affection, love, peace, the world, cute things, clothes, the library, Quidditch, flirting, shopping, clubbing, good-looking people, the internet
Dislikes: mean people, bitter exes who’ve just up and ABANDON and LEAVE you

Background Data:
Family: Mama– Liu Lai, Baba– Feng
Childhood Home: China, and then Liverpool
Spoken Languages: English, Chinese